Dental Implants

Implants – 100% your own.
Life leaves its footprint – even on your teeth. An accident on the sports field can leave you without a tooth at an early age. Caries and parodontitis can affect rows of teeth at a later age. A worrying predicament. But luckily a missing tooth doesn’t have to cause a headache anymore. Even a loose fitting denture is a thing of the past. Dr. Louw has a modern solution: Implants from Dentsply – highly developed and refined. Tried, tested and renown worldwide.

The best choice in any case.
No teeth are prepared like that of under a bridge. An implant also keeps the bone in its natural form by stimulating it when you use it. Bone keeps regenerating itself and gets denser around the implant the more it is chewed on. Implants mimic natural tooth anatomy in such a way that nobody will know the difference. Not even you! It functions in the same way as the adjacent teeth and ask for the same care.

Dental Implant Planning
Dr. Louw uses Galaxis/Procera/Simplant software where an intra oral scan is merged with a CT-Scan to produce a very accurate surgical guide.

We design the end product first and then working back to where the implants needs to be placed. A surgical guide/stent is then produced on our MCX5 milling unit utilisting special drilling keys for flapless guided surgery.

Cone Beam Cranio Topography makes this possible. We deliver this service also to other doctors

dental7 dental8

With the use of the newest techniques in Cranio Topography (CT) implants are placed in the correct location.

dental_planning1 dental_plan2

A missing tooth?
A single implant to replace a lost tooth can in most cases be placed in one appointment.


Implant placed with zirconium abutment


Crown placed on implant

Missing Teeth

dental3 dental4

4 Implants placed and restored with a screw retained denture – note the thin structure with no palatal coverage.

dental5 dental6

4 Implants placed and restored with full porcelain bridge. More expensive option but even thinner.

The titanium screws are artificial roots which are invisible. They also feel the same as normal teeth – as if nothing ever happened. Because bone does not have any feeling, placing implants are painless and post operative pain is usually absent.

A loose denture?
To talk and eat with a loose denture does not have to bring you down! With an overdenture on implants whether clicked on or screw retained, will mean eating apples and biltong again!


A full porcelain bridge on 6 implants