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Laser dentistry

laser dentistry at Dr. Louw’s

Dr. Louw has two Biolase Waterlase Lasers. They replace a lot of conventional instruments and surgery is done without the need of a scalpel.

There are a lot of advantages. Root canal treatments with a laser are more successful and results in a proper cleaned and filled apical delta. There is no bleeding or pain when surgery is done with the laser, and healing is much faster.

Say hello to the comfort and extra high quality of dental laser treatment.

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Endodontologists around the world have concluded that conventional rinsing of a root canal, has little effect on the last 3mm of the root tip. If one slices open a healthy root, one will find microscopic canals diverging to the sides of the root. When the nerve dies, these canals fill up with bacteria. To remove these germs conventional filing is used with rotary files. Sometimes the filing causes bacteria to be forced through to the root tip.

In classical therapy chlorine is then used to dissolve the necrotic material and to denaturate the nerve that consists of protein molecules. Recent studies have shown that it’s impossible to clean the last 3mm of the root tip with any classical method.

The success of this treatment now depends on how much bacteria is left in the the small microscopic openings after filing. With conventional filing bacteria being left is a reality. Today and hopefully for many years to come, the laser is changing this predicament.

Dr. Louw has attended extensive courses in Laser Dentistry in Aachen, Germany. By using a laser of spiral shape and moving it up and down the root canal, the “light” of the laser is reflected into all directions and into all accessory canals and openings. These openings are cleaned and sterilised with the high energy of the laser beam. The success rate does no longer depend on bacteria being left as everything is sterile.

Make a Change

Laser gum contouring & gingivectomy

Everybody wants beautiful crowns. Thick and excessive gum growth can cause crowns to look smaller than they really are. To correct this without a laser can be quite invasive and the healing is slow. With the laser, a crown lenghtening procedure is simple and the result is shown on the photo above (right).

When taking impressions for crowns, crown lenghtenings are commonly needed and here the laser comes in useful.

Bleaching with laser

The fastest and painless method of dental bleaching is done by activating the free radicals with the dental laser. This causes less sensitivity because of the short duration of contact.


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